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On the other hand, we investigate the use of FEM to simulate the mechanical behavior of composite materials, including the bond between the matrix and the reinforcement phase. We use FEM to perform a parametric analysis of a silicon/carbon nanotube composite material and of a carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite material. Feminist Theory and Education: Discourses, Practices, Pedagogies and International Perspectives. the natural resources of these regions. The universal systems account is a theory of the structural dimensions of society and economics and this determines the course of world history in one direction.. xix, xvii, 7-16. from a 1990s perspective, most scholars promoting globalization consider that the uneven distribution of global power and resources as well as the inequalities that were embedded in the societies that this process of globalization sought to transform have increased during the 1990s. In this chapter, I will attempt to go beyond these accounts in terms of the construction of new global knowledge networks and in terms of the increasing inequalities that characterized them. In Chapter II, I will highlight the centrality of knowledge in the worldwide systems account of globalization and ask why the construction of global knowledge through the proliferation of information networks at the local, regional, international and supranational level was so different from what had previously occurred during the process of globalization of the 1980s. I will argue that the apparent contradictions and heterogeneities that have characterized globalization during the 1990s have been the outcome of the longstanding process of the globalization of knowledge and that these contradictions have been constructed in order to reinforce the distinctions between the global and the local, regional, national and supranational, but that these distinctions are the outcome of the construction of the dominant global knowledge networks in a given historical period. Globalization during the 1990s: The Globalization of Knowledge and the Worldwide Disconnect of Knowledge Introduction.. The study of the new world order of the 1990s was made possible by the revolution in information technology that had occurred during the 1980s. As noted in Chapter 1, many believe that globalization is a fundamental characteristic of the modern world, whereas others have focused their analyses of globalization on its specific forms of expression, namely on cultural and economic globalization (see, e.g., Beckert 1997). In this



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