Well I guess I am your clichéd midlife crisis story…albeit with a slight twist! Every summer I would pack my bags leave home and go to live in Surrey and work as a Close Protection Officer looking after a Middle Eastern Royal Family…I faced the same story every summer my friends were off surfing…posting amazing pictures of lazy beach days on social media while all I could do was dream of a simple beach life…the universe has a funny way of answering your wishes…cue a horse riding accident which left me with a broken disc in my neck and not much use of my right arm…it gave me a perfect opportunity to reassess my work/life balance.

I had always loved surfing but after my accident I struggled with the confidence to get back on my board…so on holiday in Portugal I decided to give SUP a go…OK so this is the part your expecting me to say I loved it right?...Wrong my first experience of sup was awful the wind was so strong that it blew one of the boards half way down the beach, I couldn’t stand up without being blown into the side of the river and I spent most of the time in the water thinking this sucks and gave up on the idea completely!

Cue a couple of years later and missing being on the ocean so much I decided to give SUP another chance…this time I went out on a still flat day on our beautiful Norfolk Coast and well the magic happened I fell in love…So in 2016 I took myself off to do an instructors course thinking that would be the quickest way to learn good technique and well several courses later and an enthusiasm for SUP I have been told is    contagious Barefoot SUP was born.

So that’s how we started so what is Barefoot SUP all about…Well I decided after my first experience in Portugal that what I would offer would be different, I wont take your money just to get you out on the water…I want you to experience paddle boarding as it should be fun, safe and addictive and share my passion for SUP with you and hopeful welcome you to the Barefoot SUP Family.

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