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Please don't skip this...its the important bit and Ive kept it short so no excuse ;)


We all know that UK weather sucks at times with rain, wind and it being so unpredictable (so heres your first lesson in SUP!) Beginners sessions shouldn't be run in winds over 12-15 knots so if your board blows off down the beach I'd ask your instructor why your out! So there are times in order to keep you safe and also that you have fun we will need to cancel your session we know its disappointing and we don't like doing it but we don't want to put you off before you even start!  If we sadly have to cancel (this could be on the day or during the session) then we will offer you a VOUCHER to the value you paid which you can use to come back and join us against any of our classes, courses or online programs at another time you will have 3 years to use it.   If you are on holiday and wont be coming back then we will offer a refund but please note this will be minus a £10 per person admin/booking fee. 


We totally understand life can change suddenly and things crop up and you may need to cancel your session if that does happen we'd be happy to give you a voucher to the value you paid so long as you give us 7 days notice so you can come back and join us on any of our classes, courses or online programs but you will only have 12 months to use it.   If you cancel within 48 hours then we will refund 50% of the course fee. Sadly and I know this is frustrating but if you cancel the day before then you will not be refunded as we wont advertise your space to others and at that point we would of purchased drink for your session and spent time setting up the equipment the day before.   


It is the responsibility of the customer to find new dates that work by checking on the website and letting us know which date you want and we will add you to the new session as a priority booking. 

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